Tooky Johnson
Biztown is Tooky's baby. He has been involved in sales and marketing all his life, and has for many years toyed with the idea of creating a platform which allows people to do business with friends from their past and present. The old adage of "it's who you know, not what you know" is so true. Tooky aims to achieve two things with Biztown: (1) Grow his customers client bases and (2) make Biztown the preferred choice of people searching for new suppliers.

Ruth Naidoo
Ruth is the administrative heart of Biztown; the quiet, efficient type without whom very little would function as it should. She and Tooky have worked together for many years and their skills complement each other perfectly.

Dale Tomlinson
Dale is owner and CEO of The Hardy Boys, one of the biggest and most successful advertising agencies in KZN. THB runs a number of corporate accounts and has won numerous accolades and awards within the industry. Dale has been enthusiastic about Biztown since Tooky first approached him with the concept, and has played major roles both in designing our website and planning our national advertising campaign.

Cara Said
Cara works with Dale at THB and has been involved in the Biztown project since its inception. Her organisational skills are immense, and she too has played a major part in many aspects of Biztown. She is involved in planning all ongoing media campaigns.

Chris Haynes
Chris is the web developer responsible for creating and maintaining the Biztown website. He works in conjunction with Integrated Technologies who host our site. His input has been huge and his technical skills are an integral part of keeping the Biztown website functioning as a dynamic business tool.




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